Sumo Sushi & Bento

Sumo Sushi and Bento has been serving the best sushi in Dubai and all through the Middle east for over 15 years, giving a one of a kind family benevolent, genuinely fun Japanese eatery. Presently offering establishment openings all-inclusive, we proceed to extend and offer this delightful experience to more Sumo Super Fans all over the place.

The restaurant is Dubai is run by Executive Chef, Chef Glenn who manages to keep consistency and quality like every other restaurant. The sushi served in this restaurant reminds you of the authenticity and culture of Japan but also add modern twists like frying, now when was the last time you heard frying in sushi.

The chef said “we bring happy food to our, we are all about family oriented dining”. Is Sushi suitable for most families? Sushi is not considered ideal for families but this restaurant manages to everyone to their restaurants with extravagant food at affordable prices.

Sumo Chefs serve up a wide assortment to satisfy any sense of taste. From the well-known bento boxes, noodle dishes and conventional sushi to the ever celebrated and uniquely made Sushi Sandwiches, Poke Bowl and Salmon Lovers Bento. Our sushi menu offers an extensive variety of sound choices and quality sustenance at moderate costs. Even though they have a menu with vast varieties to please their customers they customize their food or make a completely new dish to make sure everybody walks out happy and satisfied.

When the chef was asked was is the most essential item in his kitchen, he said “rice is the base of sushi, as is good chefs to a restaurant”.

Sumo Sushi and Bento believe in harmony and balance in their food. A perfect meal is a little salad an appetizer and main course. They follow this to please their customers mentally and physically, everybody overeat if they enjoy the food with lightness of sushi you may eat as much as you like but feel healthy and happy, “a good blend is necessary when it comes to your taste buds” said by Chef Glenn.

Seafood is one of the most essential items in making a perfect sushi palette. Chef Glenn is very particular about where his fish comes from like any top restaurant chef, he chooses the best produce and does not compromise with the taste by cost cutting. His supplier mostly has imported fish and so Chef Glenn has stuck to his supplier to avoid change in the taste of the fish. For example, their tuna is flown all the way from Maldives as they are well-known for it. Compromise and quality do not go hand in hand, it is written in every chef’s book.

Chef Glenn learned a lot from his inspiration. His inspiration is what made him the chef he is today. Gordon Ramsey is his inspiration. Just like Gordon Ramsey, Chef Glenn also started from the bottom and is now an executive chef. Being so inspired Chef Glenn plans to open his own restaurant in the future and achieve great success.

Although, now his focus is on growing the company Sumo Sushi and Bento and work towards expanding this company first. They use Facebook and twitter to advertise their restaurant on social media which has helped them a lot also by viva voce also known as mouth of word.

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